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Frequently Asked Questions

NocRoom offers IPv4 leasing in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Each location features enterprise-grade infrastructure for VPS with IPv4 leasing.

Get free updates on Whois, Geolocation, DNS Delegation, ROA/RPKI*, and Route Objects (IRR). We provide LOA via email as standard. *ROA/RPKI is only available on our non-legacy IPv4 subnets. Route Objects (IRR) are created for legacy status IPs with LOA.

There are no refunds or partial refunds under any exception.

We accept MC/Visa, AMEX, Discover, checks and bank wire or ACH. We also do accept Bitcoin or many other popular cryptocurrency for payment method. Invoices above $1,500 must be paid via bank wire strictly.

Orders are processed and LOA emails sent within 24-72 hours, but typically 24 hour estimate usually during normal sales hours (9am – 5pm PST)

Yes, we provide you the LOA permitting you to advertise at your ASN. When you order, you’ll provide us the ASN.

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