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IPv4 leasing partner, managing over +500,000 addresses. Bulk IP address leasing done secure and efficiently.

Unrivaled IPv4 Address Pool and Flexibility with NocRoom


NocRoom boasts a vast pool of over 500,000 IPv4 addresses, granting you the flexibility to advertise globally with an LOA. Our extensive IPv4 address pool surpasses most brokers and competitors, providing you with greater leverage. In addition, enjoy complimentary DNS delegation and WHOIS updates at no additional cost. Instead of relying on the IPv4 Auction & Marketplace, where high demand has driven the average price per IP address to $45, turn to NocRoom for enhanced reliability and significant savings when leasing bulk IP addresses.

Lease with confidence by choosing our experienced team for your IP leasing needs. Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure a seamless, secure, and tailored experience. Trust us to deliver reliable and flexible IP leasing solutions, backed by exceptional support and industry knowledge, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

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Successfully closed over 2,500 deals/leases.

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Lease directly from us for a secure, transparent, and cost-effective IP leasing experience.

Experience Secure, Transparent IP Leasing Tailored to Your Needs


Choosing to lease IP services directly from us guarantees a secure, transparent experience, customized to your specific requirements. Our team ensures clear, upfront pricing with no hidden fees, allowing for precise budget planning and empowering you to make informed decisions about your IP leasing needs.

Moreover, we offer locked pricing throughout the lease agreement, ensuring financial predictability and stability. Rest assured that there will be no unexpected price changes, eliminating concerns about potential fluctuations in costs. This consistent pricing structure allows you to focus on your core business operations without worrying about financial surprises related to your IP leasing services.

In summary, by opting for our IP leasing services, you’ll enjoy a dependable, tailored solution backed by a team committed to transparency, financial stability, and exceptional support. Rely on us for flexible IP leasing options that align with your business objectives and needs.

Enhance Your Global Online Presence with Our Expert IP Leasing and Geolocation Services


By choosing to partner with us for your IP leasing needs, you can have confidence in our expertise to effectively manage geolocation updates across a wide range of database providers. This ensures that the geolocation data for your network infrastructure remains accurate and reliable at all times. Our proficiency in this area provides significant benefits for your business operations.

One key advantage is the optimization of content delivery, as precise geolocation data allows you to efficiently route traffic and deliver content to users based on their location. This results in improved user experience, faster load times, and higher customer satisfaction.

Finally, our ability to provide reliable geolocation data enables you to expand your online presence in various regions around the world. By understanding the geographic distribution of your users, you can make informed decisions on where to invest resources, target marketing efforts, and grow your business globally.

In summary, partnering with us for IP leasing offers numerous advantages, including expert management of geolocation updates, optimized content delivery, compliance with regional regulations, and the ability to strategically expand your online presence worldwide.

Our IP leasing services offer the ability to update geolocation information to match your desired city or country. However, please note that geolocation updates require an estimated 5-7 days for processing with third-party database providers. To ensure a smooth transition, kindly specify the desired location upon ordering or submit a support ticket.

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Geolocation for IPv4


Our geo-located IPv4 leasing services provide your business with reliable address blocks, irrespective of your geographical location. By aligning your digital operations with your physical location, we offer seamless connectivity and efficient data transmission.

At NocRoom, we pride ourselves on being an experienced IPv4 lease provider, optimized with geo-location technology. This ensures your business stays consistently connected, performs optimally, and thrives in the current digital landscape.

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Letter Of Authorization


By utilizing the LOA, efficiently manage your IP addresses, scale your network, and maintain security and performance. We’re committed to offering a professional, informative, and approachable experience to help achieve your business goals. For questions or assistance, please reach out.


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Multiple Locations


NocRoom offers IPv4 leasing in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Each location features enterprise-grade infrastructure for VPS with IPv4 leasing.

Offering multiple locations ensures flexibility for your business needs, optimizing performance and reach for your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us via the live chat option or via the contact form to speak to a sales rep with any questions.

Can I route subnets to my server provider?

Yes, we provide you the LOA permitting you to advertise at your ASN. When you order, you’ll provide us the ASN.


Read our AUP here and our ToS here. Our full IP leasing policy is here.

Routing Authorizations

Free updates on Whois, Geolocation, DNS Delegation, ROA/RPKI*, Route Objects (IRR). LOA is provided via email standard.

Geolocations Available

We can update the geolocation for your leased IPs to any city/country worldwide. This is done after your order is placed. Please note we do not have preset locations or such. The location is updated strictly after your order is placed and you provide proper City/Country geolocation information in your order.