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NocRoom has been offering reliable IP web hosting since 2006. Our top-tier features prioritize security. Experience the difference – contact us today.

IPv4 Leasing

NocRoom offers reliable IPv4 leasing services worldwide, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient data transmission. 

VPS Servers

Manage your IP addresses efficiently, scale your network, and maintain security and performance using the LOA. We are dedicated to providing a pleasant and informative experience to help you reach your business goals. 

IPv4 Monetization

Consider monetizing your unused IPs or purchasing new ones to expand your network. Don’t let potential revenue go to waste – explore your options today.

Cloud PBX

Upgrade your business phone system with NocRoom Cloud PBX – cost-effective and feature-rich solution for modern businesses.

Let NocRoom Exceed Your Hosting Needs.

Get SSL for free with our web hosting and reseller plans. Enjoy 24/7 in-house tech support. Plus, our shared and reseller plans come with DirectAdmin included.

Free Migration

We’ll be more than happy to assist you with the seamless migration of your hosting account from another DirectAdmin host to our platform.

Free SSL

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our web hosting plans, which all include a free and hassle-free auto-renewing SSL certificate per domain.

Free Domain

For a limited time, you can secure a free domain name (selected TLDs) for your website when you sign up for our annual or tri-annual plans.

Enterprise IPv4 Leasing Across Multiple Locations

Upgrade your VPS Hosting with NocRoom’s enterprise-level infrastructure and choose from four prime locations- Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles with their IPv4 leasing service.

Frequently Asked Questions

NocRoom offers IPv4 leasing in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Each location features enterprise-grade infrastructure for VPS with IPv4 leasing.

Get free updates on Whois, Geolocation, DNS Delegation, ROA/RPKI*, and Route Objects (IRR). We provide LOA via email as standard. *ROA/RPKI is only available on our non-legacy IPv4 subnets. Route Objects (IRR) are created for legacy status IPs with LOA.

There are no refunds or partial refunds under any exception.

We accept MC/Visa, AMEX, Discover, checks and bank wire or ACH. We also do accept Bitcoin or many other popular cryptocurrency for payment method. Invoices above $1,500 must be paid via bank wire strictly.

Orders are processed and LOA emails sent within 24-72 hours, but typically 24 hour estimate usually during normal sales hours (9am – 5pm PST)

Yes, we provide you the LOA permitting you to advertise at your ASN. When you order, you’ll provide us the ASN.

Professional Enterprise solutions made for you.

Offering reliable IP web hosting since 2006. Our top-tier features prioritize security. Experience the difference – contact us today.