IVR Technology: A Key Component in Modern Communication Systems

May 10, 2023

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a tech that enables phone systems to process touch tones or voice waves during calls. It’s behind the menus people hear and interact with when they call a company. IVR systems can be customized to deliver dynamic audio or pre-recorded menu options.

A VOIP IVR is inherently linked to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Most VOIP IVR systems support Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based VOIP, while others support non-standard-based services like Skype.

IVR technology as a Computer Telephony Component

As an automated Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) system, IVR allows providers to create complex touch-tone or spoken command navigable menus. IVR systems can serve as Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Voice Portals to access remote info. They can also be used for billing or customer service systems allowing callers to enter sensitive information without operator assistance.

IVR and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) Integration

IVR often integrates with an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), which routes incoming phone calls to agent work groups. This integration can operate both front-end and back-end. An ACD system can route callers to an IVR program based on various parameters. A smart IVR can transfer callers back to an ACD system to route the call to the next available agent.

An integrated IVR and ACD can display Screen Pop information from the caller on the agent’s workstation. This saves the agent from needing to prompt the caller again.

IVR and Voice Broadcasting

While IVR is typically associated with inbound calling programs, it can also be applied to outbound calling campaigns and is commonly used with Voice Broadcasting and touchtone responses. This tech’s application includes the option to speak with an operator, opt out of a calling campaign, or take an outbound survey.

In summary, IVR tech plays a key role in modern communication systems, providing efficient and customizable solutions for businesses and consumers alike.