IPv4 Exhaustion: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

May 10, 2023

The Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), conceived in the early 1980s, initially seemed to offer a virtually inexhaustible address space of 4.3 billion addresses. However, the unforeseen and rapid expansion of the Internet has led to IPv4 address exhaustion. This situation compels businesses to strategically consider their IP address management, weighing the pros and cons of purchasing addresses on the open market against leasing them from another organization.

The optimal strategy varies based on factors like business size, projected growth, and budget. Regardless, with the dwindling supply of IPv4 addresses, proactive steps are imperative to secure the necessary IP addresses for smooth operations.

The scarcity of IPv4 addresses has triggered a surge in their market price. For businesses requiring new IP addresses, this cost escalation can be a deterrent. An alternative lies in leasing IP addresses from a service provider, which can be more economical and offer flexibility – leased IP addresses can be returned when they become redundant. However, this approach has its limitations; leased IP addresses might not be available across all geographies, and service providers may impose usage restrictions.

How IPv4 Exhaustion affected the Market

Purchasing IP addresses allows businesses absolute control over their address space, utilizing as many or as few addresses as required. However, this option can be prohibitively expensive, especially for large enterprises with intricate networks. Conversely, leasing IP addresses from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is typically more cost-efficient but could come with certain constraints such as limited ISP availability in certain regions and mandatory long-term contracts.

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