All clients must agree to every policy, in addition to our Terms of Service and all other listed policies on this page. Our policies are fair but strictly enforced. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime via email, phone, & ticket.

Policies + Good Faith

We expect in good faith all customers to abide by all policies at all times to the best of their efforts, resulting in virtually flawless service and support, uninterrupted and unmitigated satisfaction.

DMCA & Privacy Policies

These policies cover any copyright / infringement complaints. Such concerns need to be addressed to our abuse department. You can contact us with any privacy questions or concerns after reading our privacy policy.

AUP Policy & ToS Policy

These policies cover general rules for using any of our services. Please read them carefully. They are written out for easy understanding and clarity.

IP Leasing Policy

These policies cover our bulk IPv4 / IPv6 leasing services. This is an important policy you must fully abide by to continue using our IPv4 or subnets for monthly leasing.

Guarantee Policy

Our guarantee policy covers the concern of refunds, money-back guarantees on all qualifying services we offer.